Why OceanSolution?

The History of Our Roots

OceanGrown, Inc. has been providing quality, sustainable options in the Florida area since 2001. Our innovative approach is replicated from Dr. Maynard Murray's dedication to Sea Energy Agriculture.

After Dr. Murray's passing, OceanGrown CEO John Hartman purchased Murray's patents, intellectual property, copyrights and hydroponic farm! We are the only true heirs to Dr.Murray's revolutionary research!

Our products are a sustainable alternative to man made, chemical filled fertilizers.

Some of our goals consist of eliminating toxic run off, restoring depleted soils, putting the nutrition back into our food and educating people on the importance of minerals!

As one of Fort Pierce Florida's top organic fertilizing manufacturers, you can trust us for the professional assistance you need to find the products you want.

Our products are available to all agricultural, animal feed, landscaping, hydroponic and home & garden industries.

Our Team

John Hartman

CEO / Founder

Patty Foley

Office Manager

What Makes Us Different

OceanSolution™ is a concentrated, liquid, sea mineral-infused, organic fertilizer! Using a proprietary process we deep harvest the purest ocean minerals known to man. They are collected far offshore away from coastal land run-off and toxins, then processed, Ionized and concentrated to bring you our cornerstone product; OceanSolution™ PURE. The concept of using an ocean water extract for fertilization was originally discovered by Dr. Maynard Murray, a researcher dedicated to advancing Sea Energy Agriculture.

OceanSolution™ PURE is the foundation to all of our other fertilizers. Growers of all kinds can now instantly and cost effectively deliver a full proportionate, mineral spectrum to each individual plant without the use of chemicals!

OceanSolution™, can be easily applied as a liquid organic fertilizer and added to any current feeding regimen. It is designed not only to provide plants immediate nutrients but also to act as a bio-catalyst that helps to renew and revive the soils surrounding your plant material.

Over time, your plants will begin to maximize their genetic potential as they benefit from both the trace minerals from OceanSolution™ and the released “latent” nutrients from revitalized soils. As your plants become naturally healthy and vibrant, they will also have an increase in Systemic Acquired Resistance (SAR). The healthier a plant is, the better it can withstand common stresses due to disease, insects, water and heat. The result would be less need to apply harmful pesticides.

what sets us apart

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