Dr. Maynard Murray’s Research

The Man Behind the Science

Dr. Murray began his life long research in sea energy agriculture in 1936. His goal: to get the perfect chemistry (consistency, balance and proportion) of the ocean back into the depleted soils. He felt this was the key to proper nutrition, a stronger immune system and a longer, healthier life. Dr. Murray undertook a variety of experiments to unearth the secrets of the sea, often wondering why land-based animals suffered from so many forms of chronic disease while sea animals generally enjoyed vigorous health.

Over the years, Dr. Murray’s research would take him across the United States, from Massachusetts to Florida in search of answers. He pondered over what could impart this apparent immunity to sea animals. Was it a nutritional factor? Was it caused by minerals, or some more complex chemical factor? Simple reasoning reveals that minerals in soil leach out with rain and snow, flowing into oceans via streams and rivers — the land’s mineral fertility winds up washing into the seas. Minerals lost from land accumulated in the sea for millennia. This progression suggests that seawater minerals are key nutrients responsible for the heath of sea life.

“Seawater is Earth’s most ancient natural solution,” Murray said, “and, in my opinion, most ideal, physiologically. In the sea, as liquid crystalloid, all Atomic table elements are in a solution of consistent balance and proportion, available to all sea life.”

Murray noticed the elements in seawater are essentially the same as in blood, and very close to the same quantities. This seemed no coincidence, but a true clue to the role of minerals in health. Might mineral deficiency be a significant cause of degenerative disease? If humans get a full menu of minerals, will our physiologic disorders decline?

But how could humans assimilate these necessary nutrients? Drinking seawater isn’t possible — humans aren’t designed to ingest minerals as salts, or rocks, for that matter. Our guts can’t absorb elements in raw, naked, ionic forms. Rather, human intestines need minerals to be packaged with sugars, amino acids, fats, oils.

“Table salt is the only food we eat that’s inorganic,” Murray noted, “and frankly, it isn’t good for us.” He summed up his thesis: “Ocean waters hold a perfect balance of essential elements required as food for the complex cell groups that make up our bodies.” As a first step to learning how to supply minerals to humans, Murray realized that we get our minerals primarily from food, but that water is the second most important source. He decided to use seawater as a soil amendment, and observe whether this provided any benefit. Perhaps if soil is supplied with all essential minerals, plants will absorb them as nutrients and pass them on to the animals that eat them.

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