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No. Salt is a negative factor only when too concentrated. In the hospital, the first thing they do to treat you is hook your bloodstream up to a saline (salt water) solution. The reason for this is that it lowers osmotic pressure to help get minerals into our cells, and it works the same for plants. The key is that our fertilizers keep salt in a balanced ratio consistent with what exists freely in nature. After correctly diluting our product before using, salt has a positive and not a negative impact on plant health.

Yes, it can be! OceanSolution™ fertilizers provide a perfect nutrient foundation for flowers, especially those you have a hard time flowering. You will see more vibrant colors, bigger petals and more blooms due to the presence of vital minerals your flowers were lacking.

Simple, there is none! There may be some beneficial algae growth if left outside or in direct sunlight. Not to worry it will not harm your plants, just mix and go or simply strain out!

Easy! Dilute 1 ounce of OceanSolution™ to 1 gallon of filtered water and mix well. Lightly spray plant leaves (tops and bottoms) once every 6 days in the morning. You can also apply to soil as a broadcast application, but we recommend foliar feeding for best results!

More and more big crop growers are recognizing that roots are better at bringing moisture into the plant than nutrition. Studies at the University of Michigan used radioactive isotopes to track the same amount of nutrition applied to the soil and to the leaves: 10% or less of applied nutrition applied to soils actually gets taken up by the plant. 90% to 95% fed directly to green plant tissue in a liquid becomes available and is systemically absorbed and is “rain fast” (can’t leach away): A big cost savings, better nutrition, less run-off.

Absolutely! Our OceanSolution™ PURE is great for a boost in minerals and our OceanSolution™ 2-0-3 has more macro nutrients including Organic Nitrogen and Organic Potassium! OceanSolution™ products have no odor, wont clog or stain and can be used in conjunction with your current growing regimen.

There are many other uses including: pre-soak starter for hydro-seeding, as an animal feed supplement (sprayed on pasture, top-dressed on feed, and/or in the feed water) for poultry, cervids, equine, swine, cattle, sheep, goats, dogs and cats, helping start and promote salt water aquariums, and in cosmetic products.

Indeed we are! OceanSolution™ PURE and OceanSolution™ 2-0-3 are both OMRI listed for organic use as well as manufactured using strict organic regulations!

Yes it can, but some plants may require increased amounts of macro nutrients depending on the genetics and growing conditions. Most customers use our fertilizer products as either a supplement or amendment rather than a stand-alone.

Yes! You can find all of our Testing and Trials by clicking “TESTING AND TRIALS” or on the menu.