What’s the deal with Ocean Minerals for Fertilizing?

What is the difference between traditional fertilizers and ocean mineral infused fertilizers?

Well, first off, we have to start at the beginning, literally. Before man-made fertilizers, plants would uptake their nutrients from soil that was untouched. It contained all 90 naturally occurring mineral elements. This made the plants strong enough to ward of disease and pest naturally. Not until humans started hindering the soil did plants need a substitution for their once naturally sourced minerals. Each plant has its own specific “mineral intake” and they are not all the same. “Traditional” Agriculture has been so brainwashed to use only THREE of these mineral elements thinking that if they increase the amount of certain elements to enhance what they want in a plant, they wont need the others to keep the plant at optimal health. Meaning, more need for chemicals to help with disease, pest, soil and nutrient deficiencies, making you spend EVEN MORE MONEY!

Where does one find all of these minerals for your plants?

THE OCEAN…..of course!

The ocean contains all of the earths naturally occurring mineral elements due to erosion. It is the last place to find all of these minerals untouched by man.

Replicated after Dr. Maynard Murray’s discoveries (we are the only TRUE HEIRS to his work as our founder JOHN HARTMAN purchased all his patents,) OceanGrown, Inc, has found away to harvest all of those once naturally occurring mineral elements from the ocean, ionize them so plants can uptake them easily, concentrate them into a liquid form for fast absorption, and deliver them in a cost efficient way to growers of all kinds!

When plants have the correct proportion of minerals, they are at optimal health WITHOUT the need for other harmful chemicals. OceanSolution™ has been proven to drastically boost nutritional values, increase flavor, restore depleted soils and is 100% sustainable!

Make the switch today!

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