The Dangers of Fertilizer Pollution

Traditional fertilizers today are comprised of three primary nutrients in excess amounts: Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. Both Nitrogen and Phosphorus are harmful pollutants in high amounts, whether they are organic or not. During rainfalls, these primary nutrients are washed into our waterways and are known as runoffs. These runoffs cause algae to grow rapidly, especially in high temperatures, known as an algae blooms. This algae becomes thick and dense, preventing sunlight from reaching underwater plants. These plants cannot photosynthesize and produce the oxygen that is vital to marine life and fragile ecosystems. Harmful toxins and bacteria begin to contaminate the water and as a result fish, aquatic mammals, and birds can all die. Humans who come in contact with the water or eat contaminated fish are also at risk. Fertilizer pollution is the most distressing of its kind. It is extremely difficult to combat and to accurately locate the source of the pollution. Everyone uses fertilizers today; private homes, agricultural industries, private businesses, golf courses, the list goes on and on. The most crucial thing we can do as a society is switch to a sustainable alternative and help save our environment! OceanGrown wants to raise awareness about fertilizer pollution and provide a sustainable solution! Our OceanSolution PURE is 100% Eco-friendly and contains all 90 naturally occurring minerals on earth THATS IT!!!!! It can be used under fertilizer bans and is the PERFECT solution. Make the switch today and become part of the OceanSolution family!

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