How to Make your Cut Flowers Live Longer!

Cut flowers: The OceanSolution Way

Step 1: We suggest taking a gallon container and mixing about 1.5 ounces of OS with 1 gallon of water (purified for best results).

Step 2: When you get your cut flowers be sure to cut them with a paring knife, DO NOT USE SCISSORS , and be sure to cut your flowers at an angle. Scissors will pinch the tips of your flowers and restrict water intake through the stem. Certain flowers, such as roses, need to be cut while under water in order to get the best result.

Step 3: Once your flowers are all cut and ready to go put them in the vase with your premixed OceanSolution. At this point we would suggest grooming your flowers as you arrange them. For roses, be sure to pluck the outer protective petals so that the roses have a better chance at blooming nicely. Also take this opportunity to prune any broken leaves and stems.

Step 4: Remember to check on your flowers through out the day, especially the first day, to make sure that the water level is still covering all of the cut stems. You will be surprised how quickly they drink up the OceanSolution mixture. If for some reason you miss the level and they have drained the vase of OceanSolution, all is not lost. Repeat steps 2 and 3 and your flowers will be just fine!

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