How to Grow the PERFECT Tomatoes

Tomatoes are the perfect warm season crop!

Germinate using pre-diluted OceanSolution™ PURE. We suggest spraying soil instead of pouring to ensure even distribution. It takes about 7-14 days to germinate using traditional nutrients, with OS™ you will start to see growth after just 3 days! When the seedlings have about 3-4 leaves on them they are ready for transplant. Make sure your soil is around 60°-65° or your plants will taker longer to bear fruit, become yellow and stunt growth. You may also pre-condition your soil using our OS™ 2-0-3 for even more micro and macro nutrients. Make sure if soil conditioning to do it a week before planting for best results!

To correctly transplant your seedlings, you should pinch off lower leaves so they don’t steal all the nutrients! Then lay about 2 1/2 inches down into soil, this will speed up growth due to warmer soil. Make sure you plant about 18″ away from each other if you are using beds and about 30″ in rows. Don’t forget a trellis for added support.

Watering is SUPER important. You can water with OceanSolution™ every 7 days. We suggest medium to deep watering- the more even the moisture, the less chance of end rot, for regular watering.

Tomatoes are very heat tolerant so grab some seeds & OceanSolution™ to try growing your very own!

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